Women celebrate the beauty of the U.P. through writing

MARQUETTE — The Upper Peninsula has long been an inspiration for artists of all kinds.

Tonight, the Peter White Public Library hosted some of those artists. Community members were invited out to meet the authors of the book “Here: Women Writing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.” It’s a collection of poetry and short fiction stories inspired by the beautiful land around us.

“I don’t know if it’s a subject so much as its an environment that you can write in. It permeates your life experiences. Strong experiences always push me into wanting to say something,” said Diane Sautter, one of the book’s writers.

The women took turns reading excerpts from the book, as well as some of their own. While all of the women were inspired by the U.P. the topics of the stories had a wide range, from chronic pain to memories of time spent with family.

“It’s something you work out with yourself, as any art form is. No one can tell you how to write originally. If I told you how to write, it wouldn’t be original!” Sautter added.

If you’d like to read the book yourself, it’s available for sale at Snowbound Books in Marquette.

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