SANDS TOWNSHIP — Go–kart season has come to a close for one group in Marquette County, but that doesn’t mean the track has been quiet.

Crews have been working to improve part of the Marquette Kart Club’s track at the Marquette County Fairgrounds. The thirteen thousand dollar project involves smoothing one of the corners and improving the transition for go–kart riders.

Several local businesses have assisted the club in getting the project done.

“Superior Paving has come in, and they’re doing the paving, and they’re doing it at cost,” said John Pritchett, the club’s President, “and we have Payne and Dolan, who brings the asphalt in. They’re going to give us a discount on the asphalt. We had VanDamme Trucking — they trucked all the gravel here for free. Lindberg’s gravel pit gave us a discount on the gravel, and then we had one of our club members, Dave Adams, came in and stripped all the blacktop for us. Over the years, we’ve been trying to improve our track all of the time, and that’s pretty much where we spend our money.”

The track has been the club’s home since 1997. Races are held during the summer months for racers from age four through adults. Click here for more information on how to get involved.

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