Local Republicans react to last night’s debate

CALIFORNIA — Last night’s Republican debate has been compared by analysts to a giant boxing match, as all eleven GOP front-runners threw verbal jabs at one another for over three hours.

Donald Trump is calling the second GOP Debate, ‘Amazing’, but it may be soon to celebrate. Many analysts believe that the billionaire fell short in the debate. They say he was dominant on stage, and his challengers managed to walk away with some memorable moments.

“I think a lot of American politics is entertainment,” said Justin Carlson, a Marquette County GOP Board Member. “Trump obviously says a lot of things that Americans like. He’s good at identifying problems, but I don’t think he has the policy ideas or experience to solve those problems. His attitude is ‘We’re going to win at all costs.’ That resonates with a lot of people, but a lot of the other things he says are going to slowly sink his campaign.”

Many analysts are calling the debate a win for the only woman on the stage, former Hewlett–Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. She came into the debate with just four percent in the polls.

“I thought she really handed herself well against (Donald) Trump. She didn’t get into too much of the drama, but she said what she needed to,” said Carlson. “I thought she showed a lot of strength and intelligence last night.”

Carlson agrees with the analysts that Fiorina had a great night in front of millions of Americans.

“Rand Paul, even though he didn’t get a whole lot of speaking time, he was attacked by some baseless attacks from Trump, I thought he had some very good points on drug policy, 10th amendment, foreign intervention and the war in Iraq,” added Carlson.

Of the candidates still in the running for the GOP nomination, Carlson said that he thinks Scott Walker didn’t do anything to help himself out during last night’s debate.

Carlson added that he thinks the GOP field will narrow itself out a little in the coming weeks and months.

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