DJs celebrate National Radio Day

HOUGHTON — National Radio Day celebrates the invention and influence of radio on society.

It’s been almost a century since radios began popping up in homes across America. Though the technology has changed the basic premise remains the same: take a talented on–air personality and deliver news, talk and music to the general public. Even with the competition these days for an audience’s attention, K–Bear 102.3’s Todd Van Dyke says there are more people turning on the dial than ever before.

“In the United States last year, more people listened to the radio than ever before in our history. Radio reaches more than 90 percent of Americans each week. That’s significantly better than television and way better than online sources,” said Van Dyke.

Van Dyke had been the host of Keweenaw’s Own Morning Show on 97.7 The Wolf before sliding over to the country station. To fill his seat, local on–air personality Kris Kryo has returned to Houghton Community Broadcasting. For her it’s the sense of community that keeps local radio relevant.

“When you have a small community, everybody tends to get to know each other anyway and radio, I think, really brings a community together,” Kyro said.

You can celebrate National Radio Day by listening to your favorite radio station…after our television news broadcast of course.

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