ISHPEMING — Mondays mean getting back to work for most people, but this Monday meant a day off for our resident Crossfitters Danielle Davis and Sarah Mac. However, just because it’s a rest day it doesn’t mean that they’re slacking. ABC Ten’s Sarah Mac has more in part four of the ABC Ten and Crossfit 906 Fitness challenge.

Time to take a breather…

While everyone got back to work Monday morning, Crossfitters got to take a break thanks to it’s unique workout schedule. The schedule is three days on and one day off throughout the week – meaning three days of working out and one day of rest.

906 Crossfit trainer Nichole Asgaard says, “We think that that’s the best way to do it, because for three days you can push the intensity, your intensity level, and by the fourth day your intensity level declines. So we recommend on that fourth day to take a rest day.”

Asgaard says when most people start they tend to think that they always have to go, go, go – but she says the rest day actually enhances the work–outs.

“Your muscles recover at that time,” Asgaard added, “they get stronger. They need to recover in order to improve.”

Just because it’s a rest day, it doesn’t mean it’s a nutritional cheat day. Asgaard says she recommends not scheduling a cheat day, just in case a situation comes up unexpectedly where you may have to cheat.

There are also little tricks and substitutions that you can make to help you out.

Crossfit 906 Trainer Megan Gauthier says, “If you’re a big pop drinker, you slowly take that out of your nutrition plan and replace that with water, or there’s even flavored water out there if you need some taste to it.”

If you feel up to it, try to do something active on the rest day like a walk around the block or a leisurely bike ride, but take it easy if you’re sore.

“If it’s something that’s hurting you shouldn’t push through anything,” Asgaard added, “you need to rest if you’re overly tired. Always listen to your body and what your body is saying.”

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