Talented youth audition for Blueberry Festival

MARQUETTE — The countdown is on and the Blueberry Festival is just two days away. But this year those delicious blueberries may have some competition.

Delighting the stage area at this years Blueberry Festival will be the Blueberry Festival, Youth Talent Show. Kids aged three to eighteen auditioned today.
Although guitar duos were popular, you will see everything from acapello singers to dancers, as well as a variety of other musical acts.

“Well I really like going to the Blueberry Festival and getting a bunch of blueberries. The name of our song is “Bright” by Eagle Smith and we chose it because it’s a really pretty song and we sound good doing it and I chose it with my best friend Lily,” said youth performer Daylyn Drew.

Youth performers Payton Drew and Abby Nelson added, “I really like performing it’s a good experience for me to be on stage and in front of people,” It’s really fun at the Blueberry Festival and it’s going to be a good experience overall.”

The Youth Talent Show will take place on Friday July 31st from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM in downtown Marquette. The performance stage can be found at the corner of Washington and Front streets.