Salvation Army looks for food donations during slow summer months

ISHPEMING — A lot of us may think of barbecues and cookouts when it comes to summer time, but there are plenty of people who struggle to put any food at all on the table.

That’s why the Ishpeming Salvation Army is asking for your help. Their pantry shelves are the emptiest they’ve been in a long time and they need donations.

“We see less donations usually in the summer. People are a little more active and they’re not thinking about the less fortunate. Our numbers have really picked up in the spring this year and into the summer and we’re seeing many new clients, especially kids that are used to getting these meals during the year at school. They’re looking for food in the summer and there’s a lot of hungry kids out here,” said Captain Stephen Hansen, “It’s easy for an adult to skip a meal or do something to spread the food, but a kid can only have what their parents provide for them. We have to be there to provide for those children.”

The pantry needs a lot of basics like cereal and peanut butter, but also easy to prepare options like skillet meals and mac–and–cheese. But, they’ll take any donation you’d like to offer.

Here’s a full list of the most needed items:
-Canned fruits
-Peanut Butter
-Pre-made meals (ex. Hamburger Helper)
-Pancake Syrup