MICHIGAN — Michigan State Police are adopting the ‘Toward Zero Deaths’ initiative, a highway safety vision that sees even one traffic death as too many.

Thanks to the Summer of Safety program, the Michigan State Police reports that fatality numbers have been down, but still not to the number they’re hoping for. Zero. As part of the “Toward Zero Deaths” initiative, there will be increased enforcement in areas with high crash rates. The police officers will be focusing on moving violations by commercial vehicles like speeding, driving fatigued or distracted, and careless driving.

“In the months of May, June, July, and August typically fatalities and injuries go up due to motor vehicle crashes,” Regional Coordinator Jamie Dolan.

“Across the state of Michigan, there will be extra patrols looking out for impaired drivers and encouraging motorists to buckle up,” Michigan State Police F/Lt. Christine Grabowski, “we just want everybody to have a safe trip every time they get on the roadway and we’re looking out for you and your families to make sure you get from one place to another.”

Most safety tips like wearing a seat belt, not texting while driving, and watching for pedestrians and motorcyclists are very well known ways to make driving safer. However, many drivers neglect these precautions far too frequently. Police officers want the public to know that it is critical to be mindful and vigilant of these rules every time you’re behind the wheel.

“Everybody is so busy with their job, their kids, and everything,” said Michigan State Police Trooper Geno Basanese, “if we could sit back for just a minute and just think that safety is so important for all of us and the people around us and other drivers. We want to get to our destinations safely to enjoy the summer, the short summer that we have.”

Police officers all across Michigan have been working hard this summer to keep drivers, bikers, and pedestrians safe, and are looking to push even further to approach their goal of zero deaths. For more information on the Toward Zero Deaths initiative, click here.