Tickets still available for Calumet Theater’s Grand Raffle

CALUMET — Raffle ticket holders will have a chance to win big money while helping the Calumet Theater with much needed renovations.

Tickets are still available for the Calumet Theater’s Grand Raffle. Up to 500 tickets will be sold and if they all sell, the grand prize will be $20,000. There will be 15 cash winners in all when the tickets are drawn during the Whispers of the North concert on July 11th. Cash prizes will be adjusted accordingly to a 50-50 split if not all of the tickets are sold. Also, someone will win two tickets for every 2016 Calumet Theater stage event.

The drawing will be done a little different this year.

Calumet Theater Executive Director Laura Miller said, “Every ticket will be drawn out of the bucket. Before, you only drew six winning tickets. So, every ticket is going to be drawn and it depends on what number the ticket is that’s drawn — 50th ticket, 100th ticket, so on and so forth. So, you’re going to have a bunch of loser tickets and you’re going to have some winner tickets.”

The drawing will begin before the concert and the first ticket drawn will be the grand prize winner…but they won’t announce who that is until the concert’s intermission. In the meantime, you can sit back and enjoy a great night of music with Whispers of the North, featuring the music of Gordon Lightfoot.

Miller said, “This guy replicates a Gordon Lightfoot experience-the same kind of clothes, they got the same instruments, his speaking mannerisms-everything. This guy is the next best thing to Gordon Lightfoot. Seventy-five song playlist, you’re going to hear all of Gordon Lightfoot’s favorite songs.”

The money from the Grand Raffle goes toward the theater’s elevator project.