MARQUETTE — It may be easy to take pride in one’s home, but it brings a new level of excitement when others can see the beauty that you see.

Michigan was ranked the number one state in the country by Thrillist, a website that says it covers food, drink and travel in the U.S. There is no hard science behind the list, but the executive and deputy editor of Thrillist researched each state and based their decision on food, drink, natural beauty and contributions to America.

Michigan native Sharon Nickels says that she is not surprised that Michigan topped the list because of everything it has to offer.

“You can go and fish and hike one day, and then be in a metropolitan area the next day without any problems,” the Crystal Falls native added, “So it just has a lot of different qualities and a lot of different opportunities.”

Executive editor for Thrillist, Kevin Alexander says that the top states offer something unique, and for Michigan he says one of those unique things is lake culture and the variety of activities that Michigan offers for each season.

Other states that made the top of the list include Maine, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Louisiana.

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