Celebrating the pasty at PastyFest

CALUMET — The winners of the Pasty Bake–Off are known, but the decision on what to name the Pasty mascot has yet to be decided.

This year’s Pastyfest in Agassiz Park in Calumet saw great weather and a great crowd. The two featured pasty vendors — Mohawk Superette and Lindell’s in Lake Linden — sought to meet the high demand. The winner’s of the Pasty Bake–Off were Richard Salmi of Carmelita’s in the Non–Traditional Category, Jean Ellis in the Cornish Category, Dawn Tuovila in the Individual Traditional Category, and the winner of the Traditional Commercial Category was Mohawk Superette.

Festival–goers were also asked to help settle the question of what the Pastyfest mascot should be named.

Main Street Calumet Executive Director Leah Polzien said, “We have a pasty walking around and it has a name and its name is ‘Toivo’ and people say, ‘Well, that’s a Finnish name! It should be Cornish. Its name should be ‘Cousin Jack’. So, we’re having people vote. We’ve had a lot of people really interested in voting. We had one person actually drop $60 in the jar just to change that name to ‘Cousin Jack’. They want to have a Cornish pasty.”

Cousin Jack was leading Toivo at the end of the event, but with so much at stake, it will take longer than one day to put an end to the controversy. Voting will continue at other events in Calumet and online throughout the summer.