MARQUETTE — A Marquette business has a new home on Third Street.

Swick Media Services cut the ribbon on its brand new office space Thursday afternoon. While the Swick name is synonymous with plumbing and heating, nearly a decade of commercials produced in-house led to this media venture.

“After several years of producing commercials, we started to brand our company with a different style of commercial, and what ended up happening is that several companies from around the country here started to see our commercials, and they were calling us, asking us who they could get to produce that commercial for them – the same ones we were producing for our company,” said Tom Swick, President of Swick Media Services.

While commercial production jobs require travel around the country, the new place will serve as a home base in the City of Marquette.

“One of the greatest things about working out of Marquette here is most of my children and grandchildren are right here in Marquette, and of course, my great grandchild,” Swick added. “So there’s nothing better than working in your community where all your children and friends are.”

In addition to commercials, Swick Media Services has also been producing videos to help educate youth about careers in the skilled trades.