MARQUETTE — The upper peninsula continues to inspire growth–in creativity and business. Today a local non–profit hosted a Kid’s Business Open for young entrepreneurs. Kid’s could come to the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum in downtown Marquette today to pitch their own ideas for a product to sell in the museum’s store. Today was the 5th-anniversary of the program.

Even though today was the open house, kids are welcome to come in to the museum during business hours to pitch their product all year round. Kids can learn valuable lessons about making the product, making costs and profits, and marketing and packaging their product.

Museum Manager Jim Edwards said, “We talk about the price, the profit value, the amount of effort they put in to something…What’s growing now are a number of people in the community who will give us product, semi–product, half of a product, an old product and ask the children if they can make something out of it–not tell them what to do, but invite them to create something new.”

Kids make their own product at home from materials they buy or find around the house. Local businesses can also donate products and materials for kids to use. People can donate products like t–shirts and old records. In addition to the anniversary of Kid’s Business Day, the Children’s museum will soon feature new renovations.

If your kid has a product to pitch you can contact Jim Edwards by clicking here.