Popular outdoor market open for the season

HANCOCK — A popular outdoor market in Hancock is now once again open for business. It’s time to go shopping!

The Hancock Tori opened up outside on Quincy Green for the first time this season. The market is known for its homemade crafts and locally grown produce, but it’s much more than a place to simply buy things.

“It’s such a community gathering place and you get to see a lot of people,” said Vendor Teresa Palosaari. “You learn a lot about different flowers, foods, recipes; you find out what’s going on in the community so then you can pass it all on to the tourists that are coming in to town and they’re always looking for a fun place to go and be and we give a lot of information from here.”

Teresa has been selling at the Tori for 13 years and says customers really can’t go wrong shopping here.

“You know what you’re getting from the people-that’s is going to be good, it’s guaranteed to be really good,” said Palosaari.

The Tori will be open every Wednesday and Saturday through early fall.