MARQUETTE — Memorial Day services in Marquette took place at the Holy Cross Cemetery and at the American Legion post.

Both dedications were standing room only. Flags at half staff and on headstones, gun salutes and songs in remembrance, all for those who gave for family members left behind and for those that were fortunate enough to make it out.

“I was a lucky one, I know what a bomb sounds like, what it feels like when it goes off, we lost 134 that day on the ship. The remembrance, every day is a remembrance, we have family members missing their dads and sons, I miss the buddies that I served with back in the 60’s” said Ron Pearson of American Legion Post #44.

Gone but never forgotten, while remembering those that are no longer here is important, this day is also about praying for those currently fighting the continuing battle.

“My son is currently in the army, he was injured in Iraq and a person that he was with lost his life in that incident. He is still participating in Iraq, Afghanistan,” said Dave Guenther who is a Knight of Columbus.

“We have to have a strong commitment to our veterans that are serving now so that they do not go through what we did and be ignored like we were for many, many years,” continued Pearson.

Memorial Day is about paying, honor and tribute for the strong, for the brave and the courageous. So while the day wraps us, let the men who gave the ultimate sacrifice never be forgotten.