The Hamaris are ready for Dancing with the Stars

MARQUETTE — We’re only two days out from one of the biggest event and fundraiser in the U.P. Dancing with the Stars, Marquette County Style is this Thursday, raising money for U.P. Hospice Foundation.

The Hamaris are one of the eight couples competing this year. Mark co–owns Marquette Wallpaper and Paint, while Theresa serves on several local boards, including the Women’s Center and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. But, the couple loves all things music, and it shows in their dancing.

“It’s been a challenge but we love the two styles together. They are a great fusion,” said Theresa Hamari.

“Yeah, we had no idea what quickstep was, we were thinking more of a modern thing. Nope! It’s more of a traditional thing, but it’s been a blast,” added Mark Hamari.

The Hamaris are doing a Samba–Quickstep fusion. Their coach says their dancing skills have definitely progressed.

“They have improved a lot. We took videos from day one to now and the difference is just huge. It’s been really nice to see their…they’ve really grown and I think they’re going to keep dancing after this,” said Katie Boyle.

Unfortunately tickets for the dance sold out in record time. But, if you’d like to vote for your favorite couple and donate to a good cause, click here.