Ultra-runner Krissy Moehl visits the U.P.

Internationally accomplished ultra–runner Krissy Moehl is in the U.P.

She’s spreading her love of the outdoors, running and mental progressiveness to those in Marquette. Many gathered to lace up their sneekers and participate in a fun run with Moehl. To keep pace with this ultra runner, stretching and getting warmed up is necessary as Moehl has participated in more than a hundred races and has won more than half of them. She did a one–hour run this evening with local enthusiasts taking off from Down Wind Sports.

“The burn and the feeling in my legs and lungs and then topping out on top of a peak, getting a view of a lake or just any kind of experience as a reward for the power of my body that it took to get me there. It was when I found trail running that I felt like the energy that I put into being a runner was then returned.

Moehl has been running for fifteen years and has run all over the world including Japan, Africa and Hong Kong. She says she has no plans to stop anytime soon.

“I believe that the most raw, reel form of ourself is shown when you are running these long distances so if we can enteract with the world with that in mind I think that we can create a better community.

Ultra Runner Krissy Moehl will speak tomorrow at NMU at 6pm in Jamrich Hall. The event is free and open to the public.