Speaker talks bullying and other topics with students

EBEN JUNCTION — A group of Alger County students got to hear a positive message and get some life advice today.

Youth communicator Hayden Loven paid a visit to Superior Central Schools this morning to talk about issues that kids can face while growing up. One of those issues is bullying, which Loven addressed with students using both humorous and heartfelt stories.

“There’s competition in sports and different things like that, but life itself is not a competition,” said Loven. “We’re here to build each other up, and we’re here as a team to help each other.”

“We believe that we have to just teach kids how to make responsible decisions, to not necessarily believe the things that are out there that people are saying about you,” said Superior Central Schools Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Joel Moore.

Mental health problems, suicide awareness, togetherness, and unity were also emphasized by Loven’s poetry and impressions.

“Going through some of those issues personally, I know that they can be very intense and very difficult to deal with, so I would say seek help. There are a lot of people in the area that really want to help and talk about it. It’s not — it’s not a bad thing to find people and to share what you’re going through,” Loven added.

“You can’t change the past, but you can definitely change the future, and you can become who you want to be,” said physical education and health teacher Corinne Hooper, “and I think that was my biggest takeaway, and he really emphasized that for the students.”

This was Loven’s first visit to the U.P., and he remarked about the gorgeous landscape and amazing people.