Houghton organization seeking energy manager

HOUGHTON — The Houghton Energy Efficiency Team, or HEET, is looking to fill a special position that will help direct the day–to–day operations of the organization.

HEET is currently looking for an energy manager to direct the effort to lower energy costs in Houghton County.

Right now, the majority of those involved in the organization are volunteers. HEET members feel like they need someone to run the show.

“And so we realized early on when we were writing down the plan that it would be more efficient, more effected if we could have someone dedicate a substantial portion of their hours to the project itself. But we knew that individual would need guidance along what works and what we would be selling to the community and things along those lines,” Brad Barnett, a member of HEET, said.

Barnett said that there are specific qualifications that they’re looking for in a potential candidate.

“Someone who has good networking skills, good peer–to–peer skills. But also very well–organized and has the ability to meet deadlines and meet grant stipulations and things like that. Deadlines that are required by the Georgetown competition,” said Barnett.

Applications will be reviewed beginning this weekend.

For more information or to apply for the position, visit energizehoughton.org.