“Ladies Night” out in downtown Marquette

It was “Ladies Night” in Marquette and women filled the streets for this annual event that has been taking place for 18 years. The streets of Marquette were filled with ladies coming from the north, south, east and west, all converging upon downtown. The rules for “Ladies Night” was pretty simple, pick up a passport, shop, taste and explore. And women of all ages joined in on the fun.

There were also plenty of chances to win prizes for gift baskets and other goodies. The night was all about fun, and fun they had, popping into shops that had always been on the list.

First time ‘Ladies Night” shopper Taylor Puroll said, “I’ve seen a lot of places where I have just seen the outside and I have always wondered what was in there but I thought I will go in there some other time. But now I am like I am coming back here Christmas shopping because Marquette has a lot to offer.”

One of the more popular stops was oozing with deliciousness and ladies couldn’t resist the ever popular chocolate fountain. But, each store has it’s specialty, and the crowds just kept coming. Many couldn’t decide what they enjoyed most.

“I’d have to say all of it, the sight seeing, the snacks, they had these cute little kids giving out flowers, the drinks, the stuff that they give you, it’s cute,” said Katelin Dominguez, first time “Ladies Night,” attendee. “It’s great seeing everyone out and about, it’s really pretty, cute and I love it.”

All money raised from tonight’s event will go to the Marquette Women’s Center.