Dog Nights at PWPL a barking success

Dog Nights at the Peter White Public Library is barking its way to success. The program that gives kids the opportunity to read to their furry friends has kids happy and enthusiastic.

The “Pet Partners” dogs take a squat and the kids get to reading, picking out a favorite book they would like to read and that they think the dog would like hearing. Organizers say kids like to read to dogs because they are not judgmental.

“Because a dog is so attentive when a child is reading, they stare at them or they might put their paw on their lap. They are very receptive to the children and so kids feel really comfortable reading to a dog, almost like an affirmation,” said Jenifer Kipela, Youth Services Assistant, Peter White Public Library.

Parents say they have seen an improvement in their kids reading skills and comfort level since participating in the program.

“Even kids who don’t struggle to read will still benefit coming to read because they still are acquiring all the language skills and it’s really helpful. We see a lot of kids laughing, working on their tone and how to read a story and the meter of a story and the rhythm of a book,” said Kilpela.

The program is free at the Peter White Library and the upcoming dates for November are 6 and the 13th starting at 6:00pm – 7:30pm.