The right to hunt wolves debate continues in Michigan

The right to hunt wolves is still a topic of discussion here in Michigan. Those for or against, will have their say in the upcoming election on November 4th.

“Keep Michigan Wolves Protected” is hosting 11 statewide town hall meetings prior to the upcoming election to educate voters and answer questions about the two referendums on the ballot.

The group stopped in Marquette tonight to sign up volunteers to help spread the word that they believe hunting wolves is a reckless, trophy hunt.

“Every animal is vital to that pack’s survival. There is no scientific data to support the wolf hunt, that’s our main argument. We have tools to resolve conflict but to kill a wolf just for being a wolf there is no reason for it,” said Nancy Warren, National Wolf Watcher Coalition. “The last hunting season the purpose of the hunt, reportedly, was to help reduce conflicts but many of those animals killed were killed in wilderness areas,” said Nancy Warren, National Wolf Watcher Coalition.”

Proposal 1 would designate gray wolves as game species and allow a trophy hunting and trapping season. Proposal 2 would grant the Natural Resources Commission the power to designate wolves and other animals as game species to be hunted, without legislative approval. For more information visit