A new play is set to premiere tonight at the Black Box Theater on NMU’s campus. “Paper Tiger in the Rain” is the award winning 2014 Panowski Play Prize winner.

The play is a dramatic representation with a lot of humor and real life issues and current day dilemmas. It is also a semi–finalist for the Playwrights First Award at the National Art Club in New York City.

“It grew into a was what do we promise ourselves, what do we spend our whole lives waiting for? In this play it’s about a guy who just became editor and chief of a newspaper. It’s at a time when the newspaper is struggling, the whole industry is struggling and trying to find out how they move into the future. It becomes a battle of traditional newspaper versus what do we do in the future, how do we make money yet stay true to our ideas, said David J. Swanson, Playwright.

“It’s relevant because it is dealing with issues that are happening right now, with technology taking over with people blogging and not wanting to buy newspapers anymore,”said Jill Vermealen, Actress.

“It’s got a little of everything. It has an intimate setting, it’s very dramatic and character driven and people can feel very close to the story while they are watching it,” said Rusty Bowers, Actor.

“Paper Tiger in the Rain” starts tonight at the Black Box Theater and runs for the next two weeks. There will be performances every night except Sunday and Monday. Tickets can be purchased at an EZ ticket outlet or by calling (906)227–1032.