“Willpower” the Will Adams story starts tomorrow

“WILLPOWER,” an original play showcasing a piece of Marquette history comes to the Kaufman Auditorium. The story of Will Adams is set to a theatric backdrop and heart stopping music. It has a stellar cast of all ages with a story deserving to be told, understood and remembered.

It’s the true story about the creativity of a young man with an unusual disease. As a young boy Will Adams’ soft tissues were becoming harder, turning him practically, into a living statue. But instead of being a sad story, “Willpower,” is one of inspiration and ingenuity that that everyone can learn from.

“It is truly an inspirational play about a creative young man and it is about how the human spirit can overcome adversity. The kid is amazing he would be writing for the New Yorker if he were alive today,” said Chip Truscon, Actor.
“The cast is outstanding, the writing is wonderful and the music is lovely. It’s an important piece of our history that people will be able to digest in such en enjoyable way,” said Isabel Francis, Actress.
“It’s a great play for people to come out to and see a glimpse at Marquette’s past. We are going to have some amazing sets that are going to make people believe that they have stepped back into the 1900’s. The music is phenomenal, there are period pieces, songs people might recognize, some they might not but they will be amazed by the chance to see what theater was like in Marquette 100 years ago when Will Adams play was first actually first performed,” said Tyler Tichelar, Playwright.

The Marquette Regional History Center’s Presentation of “Willpower” starts tomorrow with Thursday and Friday performances only. Showtime is at 7pm.