Demolition for change in Ishpeming

The Ishpeming City Council held a joint meeting Monday night with the Downtown Development Authority to go over future plans for the city. Demolition of the former Lundin Office Building located on Spruce Street has begun. The mining company recently donated the building to the city. The question now is, what to do with the building. Suggestions, comments and ideas were aplenty.

“I like the mining museum behind it and having a bandshell in there. Having a gazebo in there would be great, something of that caliber for people to enjoy. There are many ceremonies that go on by the lake, this would be an extension of that and if its done the way it looks like it would be done, it will be very, very nice,” said Michael Tall, Ishpeming Mayor.

The Ishpeming City Council and the DDA both agreed to apply for an Eagle Mine grant as the due date is September 30. If they get the money, they will then turn final decision making over to the city’s Planning Commission.