Police cadets graduate academy, look ahead

MARQUETTE – For 16 weeks, 13 cadets took on grueling training as they made their way through the NMU Regional Police Academy, and it all came to fruition today.

All 13 recruits graduated at the Jacobetti Complex on NMU’s campus and were congratulated by everyone from their academy instructors to NMU president Dr. Fritz Erickson.

Awards were also presented to cadets who stood out during the 16-week period. Each day of training was filled with both physical and mental exertion.

Brad Chapman, who served as Squad Leader, said, “We basically started at 5 a.m. every day running, sweating; a little blood here and there, and then sat in class for about 12 hours a day. It was a long process, but glad to be done.”

Chapman said the next step is simple: find a job. He and the other recruits took much away from training, but as they begin their searches, there’s one important quality that stands above the rest.

“Courage, for sure,” Chapman said. “It’s one thing that’s been pounded into us, day in and day out. You can’t trust someone who doesn’t have courage and pride. That’s been one of the big things that we’ve been honed in on, and taking care of yourself.”

The ceremony was followed by a reception where family and community members could eat and offer up congratulations to the recent grads.