Party with a Purpose benefits the U.P. Children’s Museum

People came to the the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum ready to shop for a good cause Thursday night.

The museum hosted Party with a Purpose, a shopping event with mail-order shops, like The Pampered Chef and Miche bags.  Shoppers could buy jewelry, cookware, food, and beauty products.

A portion of the sales from the event go to the museum to help with operational costs.

“We see people from the community actually helping,” The Pampered Chef and Dove Chocolate independent consultant Mickey Wood said.  “The people in this community help people out, they like to help, (if) they know somebody’s trying to do a fundraiser or they need help they’re more than willing to come out and help.”

“It’s always an absolute joy and warms my heart when people want to help the children’s museum,” U.P. Children’s Museum director Nheena Weyer Ittner said.  “It just helps with everything that we do, it helps us keep the lights on, it’s wonderful.”

The women who host Party with a Purpose have been holding events together usually once a month for the past three years, each time for a different organization.

“The fun thing is that we’ve really gotten to know each other,” Wood said.  “This is more than just an event we do to help people out, we’ve actually become great friends, and people know that if Party with a Purpose is out there doing something, they know who to expect.”

As an added bonus, shoppers and their kids had free entry to children’s museum during the party.