International Food Festival comes to Marquette

The International Food Festival will accompany the 4th of July celebrations tomorrow night, but you don’t have to wait that long to get in on the action.

The festival, which is hosted by the Marquette County Exchange Club, started today and features fun for the whole family. Food fans will have their pick of cuisine from twelve local vendors, including new restaurants like Ron’s Tacos. Adults can buy drink tickets and wrist bands for beer and wine, while youngsters enjoy the myriad of inflatable bounce houses set up at the park.

“My favorite part is just seeing all the people. I see old classmates, I see neighbors, I see business people regular non business people, everybody comes down and just talk and get caught up and have a really nice time,” said Geno Angeli, Co-Chair of the Festival.

While the festival mostly built on fun, it also benefits the community. The International Food Festival is the Exchange Club’s biggest fundraiser, raking in twenty five to thirty five thousand dollars every year.

“You name an organization, an charitable organization, in Marquette County, they’ll probably benefit from this charitable event,” added Angeli.

All of the proceeds from the price of the wrist bands will go to charity, and vendors will donate a percentage of their earnings during their time at the event. The festival runs through Saturday closing each night at 10:30 p.m.