U.P. Republicans celebrate Marquette Victory Center opening

Wednesday morning was a cause for celebration for members of the Republican Party in Marquette.

Legislators, candidates, party officials, and supporters were on hand for the grand opening of the Marquette Victory Center. The visitors were excited to partake in some party camaraderie in preparation for upcoming elections.

“Campaign season’s here again, so we all come together, we get to know each other again a little bit more,” said State Senator Tom Casperson. “I see new faces here. That’s all good. This is what you need in your communities that you’re running in. You need a base where you can go and depend on those folks to help you with the ground game.”

“It’s a great place for party activists and supporters to come and help win the election in November,” Congressman Dan Benishek said.

The Victory Center will serve as a place for residents to find out more information about Republican candidates. It also provides resources for those interested in getting involved in the campaign process and helps encourage residents to be active in government.

“They can come in and work the phones, or if we need signs put out some place, or go door to door. This is the place where you would sign up,” said Marquette County Republican Party Chairman Brendan Biolo.

“If you’re concerned about the future for yourself or your children, then you should be involved and become active in whatever party you think. I mean, in America, as citizens, we need to be active and elect our representatives,” added Benishek.

“I really encourage people, if you’re down on what goes on for our government, come out and help with a campaign just for a day and see it’s really so much more beautiful and wonderful than you might think it is,” State Representative Ed McBroom said.

Marquette’s Victory Center covers campaign operations for the entire Upper Peninsula. This morning’s ribbon cutting and meet-and-greet were followed by the commencement of volunteer activities.