CrossFit training is a big hit in the U.P.  Today, it got a bit of boost at special groundbreaking ceremony in Ishpeming.

New digs are in store for CrossFit 906’s workout fitness center. The Ishpeming based gym or the box as they call it is moving into a new facility on Lake Shore Drive. It’s only been three years since they opened their doors and this will already be their third expansion.

“We started off in a 500 sq. ft. facility and within a year moved into a 2,500 sq. ft. space and now we are moving into a 7,000 sq. ft. facility. CrossFit is high intensity cross-functional scaled to each persons fitness level. We do a lot of un-traditional things that you don’t see at the regular logo gyms,” said Jill Korpi, Co–owner, CrossFit 906.

Owners say more space is needed because the phenomenon of “CrossFit” and it’s unique approach to training has made it hard for people in the U.P to resist the temptation. The expansion will include more floor space and higher ceilings.

“A lot of people have a hard time coming up with workouts when they come to the gym. Ours are aleady programmed for our athletes. It is written on teh board for them, they can go in, read the board, get some guidance on what to do and be in and out of the box in no time. Higher ceilings are needed because we do workouts with rope, tire flips, sled pushes and pulls. We will now be able to have the capacity to do that inside rather than outside,” said Shay Korpi, Co–owner, CrossFit 906.

The new ‘BOX” is scheduled to open in three months time.