Telkite auctioning four properties at K.I. Sawyer

Business owners may have some new opportunities in Gwinn.

Telkite will be auctioning off several properties near Sawyer International Airport Tuesday evening.  There are four buildings being sold, the largest three are located on Avenue A, and the fourth is on Avenue C.

Telkite is the largest private landowner at Sawyer International Airport, and is hoping to expedite economic development in the area.  The company had a similar goal when they first arrived at Sawyer.

After the Air Force left the airport, the Marquette County Board of Commissioners wanted to rebuild the surrounding community and enhance its economic value.  Telkite seemed like a perfect fit for the job, and brought a number of businesses to its technology park.

Several small businesses from not only the surrounding area, but the state as a whole, have already called about the buildings being auctioned.  But, Telkite hopes to attract even more.

The bidder who wins the auction must make $5,000 down payment and agree to the purchase agreement.  They will then have thirty days to get the necessary financing.

The auction takes place Tuesday at 6:30 at the Silver Wings Community Center in Gwinn.