Uppertunities galore were found today at the 3rd annual Uppertunities Tourism Conference.

For the first time, the event which is usually held in Delta County, took place in Marquette and attendance was as strong as ever.

Maritime Historian, Fred Stonehouse kicked off the event, elaborating on the historical importance of the Great Lakes in relation to U.P. tourism.

“Tourism to the U.P. is extremely important and it’s something we all need to know about and understand. Looking at the upcoming season, the prediction is, we will have about 1,300 people, the good side is they will have an opportunity to see the Great Lakes, it’s splendor and the terrific environment that we all live in. The negative side is that so few people will have that opportunity,” said Fred Stonehouse, Maritime Historian.\

That number is down from about two thousand visitors per season on the Great Lakes due to the extreme winter and late start to the spring season.

Breakout sessions covering customer service, the affordable care act and creative marketing were just some of the hallmarks of event that make it vital to the region.

“The focus of this conference is celebrating, communicating and collaborating. People want to learn more, they are eager to learn about the Upper Peninsula, the great assets that are available. They want to help develop the skills of their employees and at the same time sharpen their own skills when it comes to dealing with customers,” said Vickie Micheau, Executive Director, Delta County Tourism Bureau.

The conference wrapped up with a discussion and a dessert reception.