Three Marquette County governments are working together to create a multi-jurisdictional recreational authority.

The City of Marquette, Marquette Township, and Chocolay Township presented a feasibility study to the public and to get input from residents.

The study was created to see how the jurisdictions could collaborate and provide recreational facilities.

“Recreation, like any service, is something that’s paid by tax dollars and we’re always looking for ways to make it more efficient, especially with the economic times we’re dealing with in the state of Michigan and so this study is really designed to figure out how that can be better done,” Harry Burkholder, from the Land Information Access Association, said.

The study was put together by LIAA and the Recreation Authority Feasibility Committee.  There are twenty-four findings in the study with four recommendations, one of which is to strengthen the trail systems.

“While there was some interest in having facilities and other things included, the committee really focused in on trails and greenways, particularly the Hartwood Forest,” Recreation Authority Feasibility Committee chairperson Jason McCarthy said.  “We see that (Hartwood Forest) as a tremendous asset for the area, not just one community or the other.”

“So we’re trying to document ways that we can collaborate and work together to formalize the preservation of that and perpetuity for all the residents.”

If the recreational authority is approved by all three governments, the feasibility committee would like to form another committee to create a more formal business plan.

To read the feasibility study, click here.