Weather Summary — 4/22/14

Clouds and wind accompanied a cooler air mass Tuesday as temperatures topped off in the upper 30’s during the afternoon.

This colder air was the result of the cold front that pushed through Monday and as high pressure continues to build  Tuesday night, the colder air will have a tighter hold with skies clearing after midnight.  Lows Tuesday fall to the lower and middle 20’s while northwest winds weaken to around 5 miles per hour.

Wednesday seems to be the best day remaining this week, with highs pushing into the middle and upper 40’s while skies shine brightly.  However, clouds do begin to sneak back in during late evening as the next disturbance pushes in from the west.

By Wednesday night clouds increase rapidly, keeping low temps a little warmer in the lower 30’s. Winds are expected to remain light during the night as the precipitation holds off until early Thursday.

Showers increase closer to the dawn hours on Thursday as the U.P. prepares for another wave of rain to enter the region.