New NMU president excited to make Marquette home

Northern Michigan University’s new president, Fritz Erickson, was on the road when he received the news of his new position.

He made it to Northern Michigan University Tuesday afternoon to greet his new staff, the students, and the campus that he will soon call home.

Erickson said he has not stopped smiling since NMU Trustee Rick Popp called to say he was selected president, and added he and his wife, Jan, are looking forward to making Marquette their home.

“We are just so incredibly excited about both the professional opportunity for me, and to be engaged with the life of the campus and to be part of what I see is a remarkable team here, but also to be very much part of the Marquette community,” he said.  “When we came for an interview, we were so welcomed we’re convinced there are no unhappy people here because everyone is so happy and welcoming.”

Even though he’s been president for a few hours, Erickson’s ready to get to work in his new role.

“A big part of my job to begin with is to learn as much as a I can about intricacies of the university and what it is that I can do to help a very successful group of people be even more successful.”

Erickson added he’s excited to be involved and engaged with students, staff, and Marquette residents.  He said he loves to be invited to events and is looking forward to learning all there is to learn about the NMU community.