NMU community remembers Dr. Bill Vandament

The Northern Michigan University community came together this afternoon to pay final respects to one of its own who passed away last year.

Dr. Bill Vandament served as NMU’s president from 1991 to 1997.

The university held a public memorial service for him today in the volleyball arena named for him. NMU’s current president said Vandament and his wife, Margery, exemplified heart, brains and courage.

“The other thing I want people to remember about Bill: he was a scholar — he was a published scholar — and he governed Northern through some very difficult times,” David Haynes said. “He led us through very troubled waters and we came out even better than we were, beyond anyone’s expectations.”

Before his death, Dr. Vandament expressed a desire to eventually be cremated and have his remains laid to rest on the NMU campus. At the service, Haynes announced where on campus that would be.

“We’re going to inter his remains in Vandament Arena, in a wall with a plaque over it, and we’re very proud that Bill will spend eternity (that way). His remains will be in the Vandament Arena,” he said.

Many members of the Vandament family made the trip to Marquette for the memorial service. Dr. Bill Vandament died a year ago Sunday at the age of 81.