ABC 10 is profiling the eight couples participating in Dancing with the Stars: Marquette County Style, and this featured couple is ready to put some spin on jazz music.

Monica Markvardsen and Tyler Jenema are dancing to an Alice in Wonderland theme.

There’s some complicated moves, but they’re both active so learning to dance wasn’t too difficult for them.

“We were both athletes before this, so we kind of add this on top of our normal routines,” Markvardsen said.

“It kind of fits in with how physically active we are in general,” Jenema said.  “(Jazz and professional dancing) is a little different than dancing at the club or other dancing at wedding receptions, so actually kind of dancing formally is certainly a lot more than the other would be I suppose.”

The couple are both active in the community with hospice.

Monica is a nursing student at NMU and Tyler is a pharmacist and said it’s great to give back to the hospice community in a different way than they normally do.

“What they (U.P. Home Health and Hospice) do with the money we’re raising is really an incredibly special thing and for us to have that within our community to support patients in such challenging times and their families, boy, it’s just absolutely amazing,” Jenema said.

“To be part of the competition is neat because we’re obviously all competing against each other, both dancing and to raise money, but in the long run all the dollars are going to be spent for absolutely amazing things.”

Dancing with the Stars: Marquette County Style is May 22 in the Forest Roberts Theatre.

Tickets are sold out, but you can vote for your fan favorite at  Each vote costs $10, but the proceeds go to the hospice foundation.