Upcycled clothes were in the spotlight Thursday at the Marquette Regional History Center for the 5th annual (re)Design Fashion Show.

The event is put on by Garden Bouquet and Design, and showcases fashions made from three designers using clothes and turning them into something new, or upcycling.

Guests could also browse at booths with other upcycled art and crafts.

The show is the largest gathering of upcycle designers in the U.P.

“Well we created the show so we could shed a spotlight on the tremendous creativity and ability we have locally here in Marquette and in the Upper Peninsula of artists that really care about the environment and care so much that they’re using materials within their design,” fashion (re) designer Lanni Lantto said.

Lantto said upcycling gives people inspiration and empowers them to create a new look from old material, and helps the environment.

“There’s the positive environment impact that redesigning has on the environment where we’re saving a lot of things that would be considered trash and we’re diverting it straight from the landfill and giving it a second life,” she said.

“We have people that just get really excited about it (the fashion show).  Now that they know it’s a yearly event, we have people planning a year in advance of what materials they’re going to get a the thrift stores and putting pieces in the show.”

All proceeds from the event benefited the Marquette Regional History Center.