Local bakery in the running for Michigan’s Best Doughnut

A Marquette bakery has been named as one of 33 Michigan Bakeries that will participate in a contest to find the state’s best doughnut.

The Huron Mountain Bakery has been chosen to participate in the Michigan’s Best Doughnut Contest, which is being held by MLive.com. The bakery was chosen thanks to satisfied customers who commented on the website.

“There were two ways that a bakery could get in, and one of them is they polled certain areas, and they chose their best bakeries,” said Production Manager Rachel Freeman, “but there was also by popular comment, so if people commented enough about a certain bakery, they decided they would go check them out.”

Selection, quality, and taste will all be considered by the contest’s judge. Judging for the best doughnut will take place on March 23rd, when representative from MLive.com will be sampling one plain ring doughnut and three of Huron Mountain Bakery’s most popular doughnuts.

“I would have to say Boston Creme is probably the most popular by far, with apple fritters, and I would say probably chocolate ice cake,” Freeman added.

The winner of the contest will be selected by Mlive.com on March 27th.