Man accused of animal cruelty sells his cattle

The Ontonagon County man at the center of this Fall’s Wolf Hunt controversy who is accused of abusing his animals has sold his cattle.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, John Koski, 68, sold about 100 animals last month.

The DNR said Koski sold his animals because he was running out of hay to feed the animals and it was not a court order.

“We should not be having any more wolf depredation issues on the Koski farm; he sold all of his cattle, they’re gone,” Michigan DNR U.P. Regional Supervisor Terry Minzey said at a meeting Monday night.

Koski is accused of neglecting two donkeys that were provided by the state to prevent wolves from attacking his cattle. He pleaded not guilty to abandoning cruelty to two or three animals in Ontonagon County District Court in January. A two-day jury trial is scheduled for April.