Ishpeming man sentenced for accidentally killing pet dog

The Ishpeming man charged with shooting a pet dog will not see jail time.

William Huot, 62, was sentenced Tuesday to two years probation in Ishpeming District Court for careless discharge of a firearm with property damage over $50. In addition to fines and costs totaling $2,480, Huot will have to conduct presentations at hunter safety classes in Marquette County through 2015.

Huot shot an eight-year-old Weimaraner named Corby near Suicide Hill on January 12th. He personally apologized to the family in court Tuesday.

Huot claims he mistook the dog for a coyote while hunting within the city limits. Police say Huot told them that because of low light conditions, he did not see the yellow vest and orange collar Corby was wearing. The Ishpeming Police Department says Huot put Corby in his vehicle to take him to the vet, but he was already dead.