Although we made it past the bitter wind chill that swept through this morning, we’re not out of the freezer yet.

A low pressure trough is hanging over the Great Lakes region yet again, allowing more arctic air to come down and produce subzero temperatures. And although we’ve already broken a record for cold weather, we’re poised to break a couple more.

Jonathan Voss, Lead Forecaster at the National Weather Service in Negaunee, said, “It’ll be the coldest climatological winter that we’ve had on record, the coldest period from December through February. We essentially have already broken that record so it’ll just be a matter of how cold we end up getting.”

We’ll also break the record for the latest day in the season with a subzero temp as the high. In Negaunee, the last record was February 22, 1965 but in Ironwood it was February 24 way back in 1904.

And we’ll come close to having the coldest February on record, although we may have to settle for second coldest.

The low pressure system is expected to hang around into the middle of next week, but like all things it will come to an end. As the sun starts hanging higher in the sky, Spring will eventually bud.