Celebrating National Preschool Fitness Day

fitnessThe Negaunee Co-op Preschool participated in National Preschool Fitness Day Friday, giving preschoolers a taste of health education.
A CrossFit trainer taught the class, but it was modified for youth-sized enjoyment.

Educators say it is important to get kids thinking about health and relating it to fun activities.

Traditional exercises were taught, but old-school kids game seemed to work just as well.

“The kids loved it,” Negaunee Co-op teacher Chelsea Perkul said.  “She (CrossFit 906 trainer Shannon Terres) had a whole routine that she went through with them and they caught on really fast.  We did animal sounds and how animals move and she was able to tailor it to kids and things kids would understand.”

“I think if you wait longer they are less likely to like it,” Terres said.  “I love to see the kids moving around and having fun with each other.  It creates a community, a group feeling for them so they get use to working with other people.”

“You want them to have fun doing it so they want to keep doing it so yes we always have a game incorporated into our work out.”

Health experts say what children learn now can impact negatively or positively on future health choices.