Save the Wild U.P. continues to monitor mining in Upper Michigan


Keeping the culture of the U.P. alive is one of the main goals of the group, “Save the Wild U.P.”  As it focuses on environmental issues – including forest and water preservation – the non–profit has been outspoken on the dangers of mining in the region.

The “Keeping it Wild” Campaign organizers say it’s been a successful year of getting the word out about the dangers of sulfide mining. The group is concerned about the Great Lakes watershed basin which accounts for 18 percent of the worlds’ fresh water.

Alexandra Thebert, Save the Wild U.P., says “Michigan’s regulations have been weakend in the last few years when it comes to mining and we really think that it’s important to engage and educate community members and citizens to participate in the permit hearings and permit process and be civicly involved in these decisions.”

“The really important questions to ask are, what kinds of jobs, how long, at what cost, what are the benefits and the risks?  The history of mining jobs up here have been a boom bust cycle, which is what mining is all about.”  said Author and Guest Speaker, John Stauber.

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