Keeping your mailbox safe during winter

It won’t be long before road work across the Upper Peninsula is wrapped up and the focus turns to removing snow from the highways and byways.

That snow removal process can take a toll–especially on mailboxes.

Each winter, mailboxes are damaged when snow plows go through regular maintenance operations. The Houghton County Road Commission is reminding people to make sure your mailbox and post are stable to avoid any damage done to it.

“If you shake your mailbox and it’s loose when we’re out plowing, there’s a good chance that your mailbox will be removed from the post or your post could be weak,” Houghton County Road Commission Maintenance Superintendent Ray Saatio said.

“Usually it’s just snow contact with your mailbox that destroys them. It’s not wing contact or plow contact that destroys it.”

If a snow plow hits your mailbox directly, the road commission will replace it or give you ten dollars towards a new one. However, if the snow is the cause of the damage, then the homeowner will be responsible to replace it.

For more information on how to prepare your mailbox for the winter, contact the road commission or your local post office.