Protecting your computer from viruses

Whether it is for work, school or social interaction, the computer has turned into a lifeline.  If your computer is taking a long time to load or download files, you may have a big problem.

It might not be the age of the unit, it might be that your computer has a virus.  Computer repair firms in the U.P. say it happens more than most people realize.

One ironic scam is when you are offered free virus protection.

“They’re basically anti–virus programs masquerading as a real one and they will lie they will say your computer is infected with so many viruses where in fact it’s just the virus itself, those can be very difficult to remove,” Tom Ellison said.  “A lot of time it will prevent your computer from working normally and sometimes it will shut it down completely.”

Hackers invade your computer for fun, money, and sometimes to collect your data to send you advertising messages.

What can take them seconds to destroy can take hours to fix.

“Keep up to date on your anti–virus software and be very, very careful on the links you are clicking on, when you are online.  I would not recommend clicking on anything when you are on any social media,” Ellison said.

There are good, legitimate and free anti–virus software programs available.  To make sure you keep your computer safe, you can purchase virus protection programs online.  If you do purchase an anti-virus program online, go directly to the software company’s website.