Hidden calories in Halloween candy

Halloween is about dressing up and being silly or scary and it is also about candy.

We all love mini-candy bars and sweet treats that come with Halloween, but if you want to make sure you do not overdo it, you need to plan ahead.

They may seem innocent, but those small treats can pack a big calorie punch.

“One of the things to keep in mind is that it is a treat.  It’s not something that you want to eat in large quantity.  For example, if you have just one M&M chocolate candy, to burn that off, you need to walk the distance of a football field,” says Kansas State University ‘Walk Kansas’ Coordinator Sharolyn Jackson said.

For every 100 calories of those mini-candy bars, the average person would need to walk about a mile to burn it off.

Plan to eat a healthy meal or snack on fruits or vegetables first to  make sure you do not gobble down a bowl full of candy.