Fireworks safety pointers

Deafening booms, and brilliant patterns of light will soon be filling the night skies. The annual demonstration of patriotism and celebration in the form of fireworks is upon us. The 4th of July is tomorrow, and that means the setting off of sparklers, bottle rockets, mortars, and everything in–between. However, it is important to use common sense and practice good safety habits.

“First of all always adult supervision, or adults actually controlling the environment. Hard surfaces, stay away from firing rockets or other explosives in the woods or brushy areas,” Marquette Fire Department Chief Tom Belt said.  “Keep in mind that the rockets can fly up to one hundred plus yards, and they’re subject to land in a neighbors backyard, on the roof or on combustible surfaces.”

Some fireworks are allowed to be set off within a city today, tomorrow, and Friday. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be consequences.

“Mainly what we deal with is loud noise type complaints. And this usually stems at late hours, in the evening hours. That’s kind of where we are asking people to just be respectful of that,” Marquette Police Department Patrol Captain Blake Rieboldt said.  “If they are going to go out and utilize the fireworks for the holidays that’s great, but if you’re doing it at 4:30 in the morning in a neighborhood, then you’re probably going to get some complaints called on you.”

It is illegal to launch fireworks on public property like a beach, parking lot, or at a park. The best place to light them is on private property where there is lots of room and minimal fire danger.