How to Help Out at a Car Crash Scene

With the recent number of car and pedestrian accidents across the U.P., there are certain precautions that need to be taken before good Samaritans help out at the scene.

It’s human nature to want help some one in trouble.

But when it comes to helping at an accident, sometimes the best help is only to call 911 and then make sure that you’re not adding more danger to the situation.

Capt. David Lemire of the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department says if you’re not careful about where you park your vehicle or where or how you walk across a road or a highway, you can place yourself in danger even though you’re just trying to help.

If you do stop at an accident, make sure you have your hazard lights on.

Also, park a good distance away and off the road so that your vehicle doesn’t end up blocking emergency crews.

Capt. Lemire suggests these things because, as he says, if you’re helping out at an accident scene, other drivers aren’t watching you — they’re watching the vehicles involved in the crash.