Tri-Township Fire Department Grants

Equipping area emergency crews with all the life-saving equipment they need is expensive.

One of the U.P.’s smaller fire departments is thrilled to have new equipment courtesy of several recent grants.

The Tri–Township Fire Department serves areas of two different counties, which is unusual in Michigan.

It serves Maple Ridge Township in Delta County, and Ewing and Turin Townships in Marquette County.

Two years ago, it got a grant for a power generator to assist on nighttime calls.

Then it received another grant for it to buy its own Jaws of Life unit.

Tri-Township Fire Department board member Dave Hall says the department has never had its own Jaws of Life unit until now; they’d always had to borrow a unit when one was needed.

Within the last year, the department received a nearly $200,000 grant from FEMA to buy a new fire engine.

The new truck arrived about a week ago, and it’s replacing a 1978 model.

The fire department is holding an open house this Saturday from 1 to 4 so that residents can learn more about all of the new gear.

The open house will be at the Turin Township Community Center and Fire Hall on M–35 in McFarland.